Elizabeth Joseph Workshops

Learn how to make your own laser cut acrylic jewellery!

What is my aim?

What is my aim and what do I love doing every day? Answer: I want to create lots of 'Makers' all around the UK, who design and make their own lasercut jewellery. You can wear your creation yourself, get lots of compliments on it, and be able to say:

You: "I made it myself!"

You can also have your own 'Workshop in a Box'. Receive enough sets of laser cut pieces for six necklaces or 12 bracelets and 4 pairs of earrings. Instructions sheet, chain, clasps, jump rings, gift bags, are all included, so you can hold your own Workshop and make a profit doing what you love! Or sell each necklace individually. I will show you how to from what I've learned from running Workshops for companies like Soho House, The Collective Living and The Wing London.

Hi I'm Elizabeth! I give Tuition on how to download Illustrator and use it to design your own laser cut jewellery. And all my Tuition is free!

I'm now working on a paid Membership where you can receive laser cut pieces by post. Every month you'll receive your 'Workshop in a Box' and use the pieces to create your items, sell them and make money from your passion. Interested? - just send an email to hello@colourfunction.com to become a Member and receive your free Tuition Newsletters.

It's easy to get started...

Option One: Receive a Colour Function Box every month with a creative laser cut project. Complete with instructions, pliers, chain, clasp, gift bag, jump rings... You can choose your design so your piece is truly unique.

Option Two: The 'Workshop in a Box' option: Receive enough materials to make six separate pieces of statement laser cut jewellery... Finally start your creative side-hustle - hold your own mini-Workshop or sell them individually!

Any questions? Ask Elizabeth:

...And I hope you're inspired just by visiting my website.

I've loved running laser cut acrylic jewellery Workshops for these companies:

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