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Option One: Receive a Colour Function Box every month with a creative laser cut piece of statement jewellery that you can make yourself. Everything you need will be in your Box and I'll be available for any questions you have.

All Members will have access to a monthly video where I show you how to assemble your jewellery.

This will be a monthly Direct Debt subscription that can be for one month or more... Warning, making laser cut jewellery is addictive! The cost will be £37 and will include everything you need to create a unique statement piece of jewellery:

  1. Your ready-lasered acrylic in gorgeous colours
  2. All the chain, clasps, jump rings, earring hooks you'll need
  3. Pliers
  4. Instruction sheet
  5. Gift Box for if you want to make it for someone else, or sell it and redeem the cost of your subscription.

Your creative Workshop in a Box!

Receive enough laser cut shapes to make six Necklaces

Option Two: Your 'Workshop in a Box': Receive enough materials to make six eye-popping statement pieces of acrylic laser cut jewellery... The design will be one of my unique statement designs, and all the pieces will be ready laser cut for you... Finally start your side-hustle - hold your own mini-Workshop or sell them individually!

Each month will be a new theme. The first design will be based on my popular statement HummingBird Necklace. Instructions sheets, chain, clasps, jump rings, and gift bags are all included, so, like me, you can hold your own Workshop and make money doing what you love! Or sell each piece of jewellery individually.

I'll show you how to make each item

All Members will have access to a monthly video where I show you how to assemble that month's Workshop in a Box, step by step, just follow what I do.

(Case Study: I have sold £240 worth of jewellery at one event at a friends house.)

You can also run Workshops for businesses, just take a photo of one of the items you've made up, email them and explain you can cater for up to six people. Some companies will pay £30 per person for your Workshop, so you can cover the cost of your subscription and make a tidy profit. The Workshop in a Box option be £47 a month. That's just £47 for six statement pieces of laser cut jewellery!

There will be a page on this website that you can email your friends / work colleagues / venue. Then you can get an idea of who'd like to come to your Workshop in advance, or who would buy a Necklace from you, before spending anything on a Workshop in a Box.

Ideas... Ideas...

Places where you can hold a Workshop?

  • Workshop in a trendy Coffee Shop
  • Workshop in your or your friend's home
  • Workshop in a Church Hall
  • Workshop in a Cocktail Bar
  • Workshop in a Co-Working Space
  • Workshop in an Art Gallery
  • Workshop in a Function Room
  • Workshop at a Birthday / Celebration / Work event

Where can you sell your six statement Necklaces?

I'll help you set up your own Etsy Shop.


Get my free 'Practice Kit' with jump rings and
laser cut pieces to join together

Once you start joining two pieces of acrylic together, you'll realise how addictive it is and you'll feel like you can make anything! Just email me your postal address and I will post you your own Practice Kit and you'll see how much fun it is assembling your own jewellery. Become a Member by emailing me (see the top of this page) and you can receive your own Practice Kit.

Start your new creative journey...

I've loved running laser cut acrylic jewellery Workshops for these companies:

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