Elizabeth Joseph Workshops

Here are some of my acrylic Jewellery Workshop Testimonials...

Sally: "Really fun, great workshop. Elizabeth was super nice."

Maya: "I came to Elizabeth's locket class with a friend, we hadn't planned to attend but stumbled across the event. Absolutely loved it and Elizabeth is fantastic!!! Thank you."

Annie: "I absolutely LOVED your locket workshop!!! It's proudly hanging on my dressing table so I can wear it as often as possible. It was fun, it was fierce, it was calming (for a nut job like me), I could have happily sat all day making things. You are a fabulous host and teacher. I'd happy come back to any of your classes. X"

SW: "Thank you for your Newsletter which I'm finding very interesting and informative."

FQ: "Thank you really enjoyed the first newsletter.  Looking forward to the next one."

RR: "Thank you for taking the time to make these excellent instructional emails/videos, I am so excited to begin. It was lovely to meet you and look around your studio, and I am going to get illustrator downloaded asap! I cannot wait for your next instalment, and I am very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge."

JK: "Hi Elizabeth!  Thanks so much... I’ll look forward to my Giveaway Box arriving and I’ll let you know what we create! I’m going to share it with my daughter, she’s 9 and loves making things so we will get creative together.  We watched the Tatty Devine festival On Instagram together the other week and got creative with Pom Pom making so this will be another lovely project for us. 

I’ve started following you on Instagram too so I’ll post and tag you in on our creations. Thanks so much."

SS: "Your website looks great... Just saw your Daisy Necklace. It’s gorgeous. I’m finding your tutorials very helpful too. You teach well. Thankyou."

Thanks for all your comments they're really encouraging...

I've loved running laser cut acrylic jewellery Workshops for these companies:

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